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AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Impact On Economy

AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Impact On Economy
S-ShowCase Impact On Economy

The global value of the dried sea cucumber trade, used as a food and medicinal source, is valued in the billions, with the aquaculture production market in China estimated to be in excess of USD 5 billion per annum based on a certain level of percentage yields and market prices. As a whole industry, aquaculture is estimated to generate over USD 200 billion in revenues by 2020.

Sea cucumbers can be dried, chilled, frozen and salted before being supplied directly to restaurants or sea cucumber food and medicine producers. With demand outstripping supply, there is a strong market opportunity for aquaculture to provide rising economic benefits, not only to AquaBlue Group and our stakeholders but also a solid, sustainable income to local communities too.

With opportunity comes growth and our training programs and certification courses mean that investment is being made in the talent and skills pool of the regions we operate in too. This adds diversity to geographical areas and as a result, attracts greater investment for new business ventures.

Independent companies that develop alongside AquaBlue Group may include specialist restaurants, sea cucumber product manufacturers and processors as well as logistics, sales and marketing businesses. These parallel revenue streams for the indigenous population stimulate the development of new enterprise which gathers momentum as skills develop and the local economy improves.

Plans to replicate and roll out AquaBlue Group sea cucumber farms within Asia will boost the economy on a local, national, regional and international level.

The future expansion into the development of more AquaBlue Group sea cucumber farms will strengthen the brand within the market. Consistent supply of Grade A sea cucumbers under a strong AquaBlue brand will fetch a premium price in the market.


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