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AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Impact On Ecology

AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Impact On Ecology
S-ShowCase Impact On Ecology

Sustainable aquaculture is a cornerstone of AquaBlue Group and whilst we run a commercial enterprise, the sea cucumber farms are all to be operated in a way to benefit marine life conservation.

By creating an alternative source of sea cucumbers, wild stocks can be replenished more easily. An additional green boost comes from sea cucumber waste which supports the growth of marine algae, a vital carbon fixer that acts as a carbon sink for the Planet.

Land acquisition for our projects is based on environmentally and socially aware factors and assessments. We gain a 360-degree understanding of the local ecosystem and communities, opting for the most ecologically suitable plots. The use of decommissioned farms can also reduce development demands.

We are partnered with GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation - Our Vision and Mission; Seas and Coral Reefs - Fit for Life


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AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Social Impact
AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - International Scaling ...

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