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The Sustainability Evolution

The Sustainability Evolution

The financial crisis of 2007-08 not only threatened the collapse of the giant financial institutions but contributed to the failure of thousands of small businesses. Meanwhile, declines in personal wealth were estimated to be the in trillions of dollars, and its legacy was a complete loss of trust between companies and communities.

Slowly emerging from the ensuing recession, businesses that wanted to restore the trust and goodwill they had lost turned to sustainability for their communications theme in an attempt to engage customers, investors and employees. It turned out that sustainability connects all of these stakeholder groups, with the added bonus of driving down costs and creating value for the organization through the continuous cycle of improvement it inspires.

A decade later, sustainability is no longer of interest only to select groups of stakeholders – it concerns everybody – and the problem for businesses has become how to communicate their initiatives to a large audience in an engaging manner. Enter social media.

Viva la Revolución!

By empowering everyone with the realization that their voice can make a difference, social media has changed forever the way people communicate online – and organizations that were slow to exploit its staggering potential are now scurrying to make up for lost time. Led by Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, this communications revolution saw the emergence of dozens of dedicated blogs and online sustainability magazines, a testament to the age-old power of storytelling.

By now, social media has gone from something new and cool to mainstream and plays a part in every other form of online communication – as well as in the expectations of everyone on the World Wide Web. How well big and small organizations understand and use it to communicate their sustainability initiatives will only become more crucial to their long-term survival.

Founded by Finn Hyttel, Publisher and CEO, whose 20+ years in the internet and software industries has paralleled the revolution in marketing and communications, GoGreen Portals represents the best of what has become known as Web 3.0.

This revolution was made possible by the convergence of new technologies and includes the ability to provide more relevant, intelligent and personalized content, more openly, through virtual meetings and trade shows, on-demand collaboration, concise micro blogging, and mobile that reaches the billions of cellphone users around the world.

Small Is Beautiful

SMEs are in many ways the original sustainable businesses. Their close links to customers, employees and suppliers, and the integration of their business and family life, often make them far better than large organizations at understanding their community and natural environment. Sustainability is a part of the daily activities at many SMEs, although they might not call it that, and because they lack the huge marketing budgets of big companies, nobody hears their success stories. That's why we created GoGreen Portals.

Drive for Sustainability

GoGreen Portals was founded on the premise that every organization – large and small – has an active role to play in environmental, economic and social sustainability developments. We also believe that a good sustainability performance has far greater value if it is seen, and that broadcasting these successful initiatives as widely as possible plays an integral part in extracting that value.

We are committed to supporting our members' efforts to have a positive impact on current and future sustainability developments by providing timely and authoritative sustainability information and resources, as well as a wide range of state-of-the-art marketing, social media, collaboration and project management tools designed to give these efforts the visibility required to maximize their value.

The showpiece of GoGreen Portals is the Sustainability ShowCase, a collection of micro-sites hosted on GoGreen Portals that present cutting-edge multimedia presentations of innovative new sustainable solutions from members, including corporations, SMEs, entrepreneurs, cities, universities and NGOs. Download the S-Showcase white paper here.

Utilizing third-wave virtual event technology, the Sustainability ShowCase can be custom-designed and integrated with special web pages, web services and multi-channel communication, so that the right stories are communicated to the right audience, and contact is initiated among all the members and stakeholders in the vast GoGreen Portals sustainability database and network.

Progressive online marketing and SEO campaigns – including articles, blogs, social media management, automated inbound marketing, PR, mobile and email marketing – assure that each Sustainability ShowCase is reaching the largest possible target audience, and the GoGreen Portals team follows up with ongoing web traffic analyses of usability, performance and visitor metrics.

Our commercial Launch have been a moving target for some time; Our vision for the site is somewhat ambitious and complex with all the parts and pieces required to make it a truly user-friendly interactive website, its development has taken longer than anticipated.

However now we are getting close and the "Commercial Launch" are now final set for June 2016.



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