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Our Vision and Mission

Seas and Coral Reefs – Fit for Life

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Clean seas and healthy coral reefs that support abundant marine life are the foundations for sustainable tourism destinations and livelihoods for the enjoyment of all. Putting sustainable food in the hotels, resorts, restaurants and supermarkets – and on the plates of the poor in the local communities throughout Southeast Asia – makes social, economic and environmental sense.


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Our Mission

 Sustainable Tourism Destinations, Land-Based Aquaculture, Innovation,
Conservation, Investments, Marketing and Education.

  • Restoring and protecting vital marine ecosystems, including marine life, coral reefs and communities that depend on their continued sustainability, leading to improved biodiversity, healthier fish stocks and less pollution in the seas and oceans.
  • Developing sustainable land-based aquaculture sites for food production, inland nurseries and restoration programs to protect threatened marine life and coral species in tourism destinations throughout Southeast Asia, in cooperation with strategic partners, governments, NGOs, the hospitality industry, dive centers, fishermen and local communities.
  • Raising funding from GoGreen Credits, impact finance partners, venture capital funds, EU funds and other channels as well as via grants and donations.
  • Improving sustainability and forging synergies via the GoGreen Incubation Center with the seafood industry, NGOs and local communities through farming and business innovation, marketing and education and support for local aquaculture farmers and fishermen.
  • Supporting change in government policies, industry practices and individual behaviors resulting in measurable improvements in the health and status of our seas and oceans.
  • Marketing seafood certification in cooperation with strategic partners, the food industry, farmers, fishermen and GoGreen Portals members.
  • Creating educational programs in cooperation with educational institutions, NGOs, stakeholders in Southeast Asian tourism destinations and relevant organizations.  

gogreen portals gogreen credits mission

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