GoGreen Portals

Our Partners Make It PossibleWe are committed to creating valued sustainability partnerships to enhance the GoGreen Portals strategy
in creating a global gateway to a sustainable world.

Corporate Partners

  • GoGreen Portals has formed a Strategic Partnership Alliance with Reef Worlds Inc. highlighting the threat to our oceans and the devastation of coral reefs through insightful articles and resources. Together we are promoting artificial reefs to provide new marine life habitats, enable damaged ocean ecosystems to regenerate and offer hospitality companies an ROI in sustainable tourism.

    Artificial reefs develop into thriving reef communities that are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts over time. The success of artificial reefs is due to the provision of greater shelter, new food sources, greater juvenile protection and more space for marine organisms.

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  • Cornerstone is the fund administrator of the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund.

    The company provides outsourced-CFO, accounting, and funds and back-office administration services to fund managers, venture capital managers, and private equity firms.

    They handle our financial reporting to the fund’s limited partners; capital call preparation and management; preparation of U.S. GAAP fund financial statements and footnotes; investment funding and coordination with our investment companies; investment portfolio tracking and reporting; fund treasury management; external audit and tax return coordination.

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  • At the heart of the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund are our shareholder's interests and professional processes that are transparent and compliant.

    US-based Capshare hosts our online cap tables and shares administration for the fund and our portfolio companies, including AquaBlue Group Inc.

    Our shareholders have access to their shareholder accounts and the cap table they belong to, direct from the Investor Portal at the GoGreen Portals website.

    Our partnership with Capshare enables shares to be issued online and more efficient. Investments are compliant with ISO regulations, Rule 701 and ASC 718 and ASC 820 for valuations, amongst others; leading to the creation of a more streamlined, easily accessible and workable investment relationship with modern equity management.

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  • Microsoft believes that technology can empower people and organizations on the planet to achieve a more sustainable future. Microsoft is using the power of their technology to minimize the environmental impact of their business operations and products. They are working with partners around the world to discover and implement innovative ways to transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future for our planet.

    As an official Microsoft Accelerate Partner and Microsoft Network Partner, and also in partnership with SherWeb offering GoGreen Office 365 to our customers and the GoGreen Incubation Center clients.

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  • SherWeb is our Gateway to the Green and Sustainable Cloud - 98% of the SherWeb Green Data Centers electric is powered by Hydropower. This renewable power source is created by harnessing the power of fast-flowing rivers, an abundant resource in Quebec.

    With more than 40,000 businesses through a network of 5,000 partners in over 100 countries trust SherWeb for their cloud services. ShereWeb is a one-stop shop for a full range of IT cloud solutions, such as high-performance cloud servers, cloud databases, hosted Exchange, Office 365 and collaboration tools.

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  • CRM software that enables SMEs to operate in a big-business way, Batchbook is a cloud-based suite of services promoting better internal collaboration and customer-focused communication. Batchbook integrates all social media into one simple interface to streamline business processes and strategy. Through energy-efficiency hosting with Amazon Web Services, Batchbook reduces its carbon footprint too.

    Batchbook help their customers organize disperse contact information and access it from the cloud so that small businesses can stay on top of their world-saving agendas. We built Batchbook because we are an energetic group of world savers ourselves.

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