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Prepare For Impact

The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) is essentially a value-based investment channel and platform targeting investment in ‘for-profit’ environmental and social impact commercial companies operating in Southeast Asia. Investment is also made in selected companies, people and projects through the GoGreen Incubation Center (GIC) with the potential to become a portfolio company of GCIF.

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GoGreen Credits - Shape The Future


Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st century.”
- Peter Drucker (1909-2005)
  • GoGreen Credits Impact Fund

      The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) supports investment strategies with a high potential for financial return and maximum social, economic and environmental impact; creating breakthrough solutions to sustainability challenges that are being given the opportunity to come to fruition…

  • How To Invest

      An impact investment in the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund promises an innovative capital opportunity which affords good security, minimal risk and an attractive ROI profile. Impact investment IS NOT… compromising profits and sacrificing returns in the name of a good…

  • GoGreen Credits Virtual Currency

      To accomplish our mission, GoGreen Credits was created as a branding umbrella and virtual currency to support our Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Projects. GoGreen Credits is financed by funds from a fixed percentage of the profits from GGIF…

  • GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation

      A percentage of the profits from the GCIF and the GCIF portfolio of companies is channeled toward the GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Projects via the GoGreen Credits virtual currency scheme.GCIF and its portfolio companies provide…


GoGreen Incubation CenterBringing Business & Sustainability Into Focus

  • What is the GoGreen Incubation Center?

    GoGreen Incubation Center welcomes sustainability-based start-ups and environmentally led organizations as well as established businesses looking to implement and integrate a sustainability project. The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and GoGreen Incubation Center support investment strategies with a high potential for financial…

  • GoGreen Incubation Center Services

    Our business incubation programs and services are designed to empower green entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and companies through incubating, investment and networking. We offer a comprehensive range of services, resources and advice to support initial idea development, pilot projects and…

Communicating Success Is An Essential Part Of Extracting Value From Sustainability Initiatives


  • S-Leaders Portal Overview

      What is the Sustainability Leaders Portal? The Sustainability Leaders Portal (S-Leaders Portal) provides a unique digital landscape for leaders in sustainability, including CEOs, sustainability executive officers, company founders, sustainability…

  • The Sustainability ShowCase

    Multimedia Micro-Website Presentations of Real-Life Solutions That Are Making a Difference     -The Sustainability ShowCase ("S-ShowCase") is a specially developed micro-website that hosts multimedia presentations of real-life solutions from…

GoGreen Credits At-a-Glance

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"At GoGreen Portals, every credit counts"

- Finn Hyttel, Founder & CEO, GoGreen Portals Group

GoGreen Credits are a virtual currency created by GoGreen Portals

All active GoGreen Portals members earn virtual GoGreen Credits that may be converted to “Dollars for Sustainability” by simply redeeming them through the GoGreen Credits Exchange, after which they are transferred by GoGreen Portals Group into an escrow account to be donated in the member’s name to the sustainability projects or partner NGOs of their choice.

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Anyone can start earning GoGreen Credits, from companies and CEOs and universities and students, to authors and journalists, tourism planners and destination developers, professionals, entrepreneurs and concerned citizens, by simply taking small actions that support the GoGreen Portals community and its members, for example, uploading a sustainability report, spreading the word, writing a blog post, sharing in the social media, or recommending a mayor who is making a difference. Credits may be redeemed, exchanged into US$, and donated in your name or your company or organization’s name to well‐known International NGOs and sustainability projects.

  • Your contribution and the impact it made are published on GoGreen Portals and its wide media and social networks.
  • We provide full transparency: all GoGreen Credits accounts are accessible to all members and NGO Partners.
  • You can check the status of your GoGreen Credits account, earned and donated credits, online at any time.
  • Redeeming and donating GoGreen Credits simply requires a mouse click at the page of the NGO Partner(s) or project(s) you wish to support.
  • The amount redeemed is released in US$ at the current GoGreen Credits exchange rate.
  • Your donation can be in your name or the name of the company or organization you represent.
  • Your donation is paid by the GGC Exchange in US$ directly to the NGO you selected.
  • Your donations generate awareness of your – and your fellow members’ – sustainable impact.
  •  By being active you support the growth of our community.
  •  Your GoGreen Credits activity is published and displayed throughout GoGreen Portals, as well as our media and social networks.
  •  You are even able to publish your GoGreen Credits account information on your own website – all it takes is that you are signed up as a free or paid member.

The purpose of GoGreen Credits is to collect, manage and disburse donated funds to specially selected international NGOs and projects.

GoGreen Credits is financed by funds from the commercial businesses of GoGreen Portals, including the exchange of GoGreen Credits, sponsorships, and donations.

One of the top international auditing firms will be appointed independent auditor, and will assure that all GoGreen Credits donated by GoGreen Portals members are received by the specified NGO Partner(s) and project(s) in US$ through the GoGreen Credits Exchange via the escrow account.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

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