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Prepare For Impact

The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) is essentially a value based investment channel and platform targeting investment in ‘for-profit’ environmental and social impact commercial companies operating in Southeast Asia. Investment are also made in selected companies, people and projects through the GoGreen Incubation Center (GIC) with the potential to become a portfolio company of GCIF.

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GoGreen Credits

Is financed by the profits from the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and its portfolio companies as well as GoGreen Portals and its subsidiaries, Virtual GoGreen Credits support investment in businesses that will positively impact the environment and community such as our Marine Life Conservation, Seas and Coral Reefs Projects.

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GoGreen Incubation Center

GIC is a collaborative, network-led, mentoring think tank that offers clients innovative 360-degree solutions, customized incubation and investment sources – acting as a springboard for sustainability start-ups and SMEs and empowering social enterprise entrepreneurs with the financing, expertise and support they need to succeed.

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Impact Communication

Sustainability Leaders communicate their initiatives, visions and strategies through the S-Leaders Portal with customized next-generation S-ShowCases. These micro-websites feature reportage and video interviews that achieve maximum visibility through social media and attract highly targeted traffic through engaging marketing.

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GoGreen Office 365

Under our partnership with Microsoft, we developed GoGreen Office 365 – our Gateway to the Green Cloud – to integrate GoGreen Portals services with fully installed Office 2016 apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and much more; increasing security, connectivity and enhanced collaboration.

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GoGreen Portals

Our Editorial Portal was originally created to boost charge groundbreaking sustainability initiatives through a suite of advanced Web 3.0 tools. Today a repository of videos, articles, blog posts, white papers, polls, surveys, opinion, research and intelligence from the global sustainability community.

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Join Us

The GoGreen Incubation Center is ready to partner with visionary clients who are currently seeking the right support required to bring their ideas and innovation to life. We also welcome media-savvy GoGreen Credits Ambassadors with a special share deal, as well as like-minded individuals seeking a mutually beneficial partnership.

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The Ambassadors & VIP Pre-Share Sales

Pre-Launch Promotion with up to 50% discount will end 1 November 2017



GoGreen Credits - Shape The Future


Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st century.”
- Peter Drucker (1909-2005)
  • GoGreen Credits Impact Fund

      The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) supports investment strategies with a high potential for financial return and maximum social, economic and environmental impact; creating breakthrough solutions to sustainability challenges that are being given the opportunity to come to fruition…

  • How To Invest

      An impact investment in the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund promises an innovative capital opportunity which affords good security, minimal risk and an attractive ROI profile. Impact investment IS NOT… compromising profits and sacrificing returns in the name of a good…

  • GoGreen Credits Virtual Currency

      To accomplish our mission, GoGreen Credits was created as a branding umbrella and virtual currency to support our Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Projects. GoGreen Credits is financed by funds from a fixed percentage of the profits from GGIF…

  • GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation

      A percentage of the profits from the GCIF and the GCIF portfolio of companies is channeled toward the GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Projects via the GoGreen Credits virtual currency scheme.GCIF and its portfolio companies provide…


GoGreen Incubation CenterBringing Business & Sustainability Into Focus

  • What is the GoGreen Incubation Center?

    GoGreen Incubation Center welcomes sustainability-based start-ups and environmentally led organizations as well as established businesses looking to implement and integrate a sustainability project. The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and GoGreen Incubation Center support investment strategies with a high potential for financial…

  • GoGreen Incubation Center Services

    Our business incubation programs and services are designed to empower green entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and companies through incubating, investment and networking. We offer a comprehensive range of services, resources and advice to support initial idea development, pilot projects and…

Communicating Success Is An Essential Part Of Extracting Value From Sustainability Initiatives


  • S-Leaders Portal Overview

      What is the Sustainability Leaders Portal? The Sustainability Leaders Portal (S-Leaders Portal) provides a unique digital landscape for leaders in sustainability, including CEOs, sustainability executive officers, company founders, sustainability…

  • The Sustainability ShowCase

    Multimedia Micro-Website Presentations of Real-Life Solutions That Are Making a Difference     -The Sustainability ShowCase ("S-ShowCase") is a specially developed micro-website that hosts multimedia presentations of real-life solutions from…

GoGreen Office 365 PortalYour Gateway to the Green Cloud

GoGreenOffice365 300

March 14, 2017

Create, Collaborate and Work Anywhere

Create your ideal workplace, collaborate how you want and work seamlessly anywhere with your favorite…

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The Ambassadors & VIP Pre-Share Sales

Pre-Launch Promotion with up to 50% discount will end 15 October 2017



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